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Mau Bekerja Di Kapal Pesiar, dengan Banyak Alumni Kerja di Kapal Pesiar sekolah di Captains Club Bandung

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Apa yang Anda TUNGGU lagi!
Let’s join Captain’s Club College Untuk tersalurkan kerja di kapal pesiar internasional dan Hotel….
Mau Bekerja dikapal pesiar?
Mau keliling dunia dengan kapal pesiar terbesar di dunia?

Mau Belajar sambil keliling dunia?
Mau kursus hanya dengan waktu yang sangat singkat?

Mau langsung kerja di Kapal Pesiar?
Mau tahu serunya kerja di kapal pesiar?

Mau dapat gaji tinggi dengan kerja di kapal pesiar?
Mau kerja di kapal pesiar termewah di dunia?

Mau kerja di kapal pesiar terbesar di dunia?
Mau ikut pelatihan kru kapal pesiar?

Mau ikut Training kru kapal pesiar?
Cari Lowongan kerja di Kapal Pesiar?

Bingung Mau kerja apa dan dimana?
Mau didampingi carikan pekerjaan dikapal pesiar?


Jawaban-nya …

Bergabung Captain’s Club College
Lebih terpercaya, serta ber-orientasi pada pasar kerja !

Kurikulum dan sistem penyaluran kerja sudah TERAKREDITASI
Ubah mimpi jadi kenyataan dengan kemauan yang kuat, kedisipilinan dan kesungguhan!

Biaya Pelatihan lebih Terjangkau

1. Fc. KTP, KK, AKTE
2. Fc. Ijazah SLTA/ SMK/ Sederajat ( bisa menyusul )
3. Pas Photo ukuran 3×4 (3 lembar)
4. Tidak buta warna

Buka penerimaan siswa baru, hubungi segera dan datangi kampusnya, dapatkan informasi-nya

Captains Club College Bandung
Jl. Nusa Sari I No.10 (Taman Citeureup), Cimahi Bandung
Phone : 0857 94 8585 76 ( Whatsapp) atau 0822 18 6688 76
E-mail :
Facebook : @captainsclub.bandung
IG : trainingkapalpesiar
Pin BB : DAF6E206 / website :

The last, if you have detail information and regrestration pls, may you just bottom in under picture! thanks before your attention about your future

These 20 Frequently Asked Questions About Cruise Ships
1. Terms Age
Question: What is the minimum age requirement to work on a yacht?
Answer: In general, the age requirement for working on a cruise ship is 21 years.
This applies to almost all types of work on cruise ships except for photographers, entertainers, dancers and musicians who are at least 18 years of age, as well as beauty or spa personnel who are 19 years old.
However, for Native Americans, the minimum age requirement to work on a yacht is 18 years (but this applies to indigenous or immigrant residents who are already domiciled in the United States)

2. Cross-Country Employees
Question: Do all cruise companies accept international employees?
Answer: Yes, all cruise companies recruit their employees from almost all countries in the world, including Indonesia.
However, some companies in states in the United States such as Panama, Liberia, the Marshall Islands or the Bahamas have slightly different rules for the requirements of international employees.

3. Required Documents
Question: What documents do I need to be able to apply for a job at a yacht company based in the United States?
Answer: Especially for the United States and Canada, the required document requirement is only a valid passport until at least 3 (three) months after the employment contract expires.
As for other citizens (including Indonesia), the requirements of the documents to be prepared are the Seaman Visa C1 / D which is a kind of visa that can be used to work and live in the United States.

4. Couple (husband / wife)
Question: Can I work with a spouse (husband / wife) on the same cruise ship?
Answer: The cruise ship companies usually give special consideration to putting the couple in order to work on one cruise ship.
This is intended to maintain employee loyalty to the company. However, these considerations are still based on the employee’s needs and the capabilities of each individual.
If another yacht fleet requires employees, the couple may get a contract on a different cruise ship.

5. Health Requirements
Question: What are the health requirements for being able to work on a cruise ship?
Answer: After getting a contract offer, the prospective employee is required to attend a medical examination by a doctor determined by the yacht company (the yacht company has a list of doctors who can be a test referral in each country).
In the case of fees, the applicant bears all the costs of inspection, but some yacht companies provide reimbursement for the medical check if they have officially joined the company.
For immunizations / vaccinations, generally not required, usually immunization or vaccination offer is given when already on board.

6. Health Insurance
Question: Do crew members get health insurance?
Answer: While on board, all employees get full health insurance.
For terrestrial areas, health insurance is valid only in the United States alone. It is advisable to purchase personal health insurance before working on cruises, especially ships that have cross-country shipping lanes.
For dental health, generally the yacht company does not provide a guarantee.
However, in serious condition, the cruise ship may be able to find a dentist when anchored in a country, but for the cost of treatment is usually borne by the sick crew.

7. Transportation Costs Going From and From Cruise Ship
Question: Do I have to pay my own ticket away and return from / to Indonesia if I work on a yacht?
Answer: No, the cruise ship company will bear all departure and departure costs to / from Indonesia.
With thousands of air travel conducted by passengers and crew of cruise ships, the company gets a very cheap special ticket price to bear the cost of air travel of all its employees.

8. Income Tax
Question: What is the income tax status obtained from work on a cruise ship?
Answer: For US citizens, salaries earned are directly deducted as income taxes, but for other citizens, taxes and fees are adjusted to the countries of origin of each crew.

9. Holidays and Pension Funds
Question: Do the cruise companies provide some sort of holiday gift or pension fund for the crew?
Answer: No, in general the yacht does not give both of them.

10. Food and Accommodation
Question: What is the cost of food and accommodation during work on a cruise ship?
Answer: None. This is the advantage that makes many people interested in working on cruises.
Food and accommodation during sailing are provided free of charge for crewmembers. This can be said as compensation for the lack of employee benefits such as holiday rewards and pension funds.
Cruise crews can be said do not need to spend a penny for living expenses.
However, the type of food and accommodation provided will vary for each level of work. For example, senior officers can enjoy a single cabin, while a regular crew will stay in a cabin filled by two people.

11. Uniform
Question: Do I need to bring my own uniform to work on a yacht?
Answer: No. You just need to carry casual clothes as necessary. (Read Work Experience articles on Cruise Ships to find out what needs to be prepared before working on a cruise ship)
All employee uniforms (except for the work of Guest Entertainer and Musician) are prepared by the yacht company.
The cruise ship companies do require the crew to dress uniformly in every job opportunity.
Several types of uniforms for work on cruise ships, for example, on night shift there are 3 types of uniforms, namely formal, semi formal and casual.
Meanwhile, crew members working in public areas (on the vessel where guests relax or holding events) are required to follow the Dress Code according to the situation at work.

12. Go down to the Ship-hopping State
Question: Will the ship crew be allowed to descend to the country where the cruise ships lay by?
Answer: Yes. The crew of the cruise ship are free to visit the country where the boat stop as long as it is not on duty or not in shift.

13. Recreation and Wellness Center Crew ship
Question: Is there a special recreation and fitness center for cruise crews?
Answer: There is. In general, almost every cruise ship company has a special crew recreation and fitness center, such as a swimming pool and jacuzzi.
Cruise ship companies are very concerned about the welfare of the crew, because directly or indirectly, health conditions and psychology of the crew will affect the guest satisfaction.

14. Shopping on the Ship
Question: Can employees buy goods sold on cruise ships where they work? And are there any special discounts for employees?
Answer: Yes. Employees are free to purchase goods sold on board, even there is a discount up to 25% for employees

15. Drugs
Question: What is the regulation of yacht companies for drug use issues?
Answer: There is no tolerance. If proven to use narcotics and illegal drugs, the ship’s crew will be immediately fired and handed over to the authorities in the area of the yacht is sailing.
In addition, there are also drug tests conducted on board.

16. Work Contract Period
Question: How long does the standard contract work on a cruise ship?
Answer: Most cruise companies offer employment contracts of 4 (four) to 6 (six) months, depending on the cruise line and crew.
After the contract expires, the crew can extend the contract or take leave and return to work for other contracts.

17. Termination of Employment
Question: What is the rules on termination of employment by a yacht company and the submission of employment by employees?
Answer: The termination of employment by a yacht company is automatically made on the expiration date of the employment contract (if the employee is not terminated before the contract expires).
If the ship’s crew, for various reasons decides to quit before the employment contract expires, the cruise ship company will be responsible for reimbursement of transport funds back to the country of origin.
However, the crew who terminates the contract will not be able to work in the same cruise company (may even be blacklisted informed to other yacht companies).

18. Working Area
Question: Can employees choose to work in the desired area / yacht route?
Answer: For junior employees, usually the yacht companies do not provide this option, but after two working contracts, the cruise ship usually will offer to work in the cruise area desired by the crew.
Some of the areas that cruises are frequent are: Caribbean (all seasons) and Alaska and Europe (during summer, around March to October).

19. Job Tasks
Question: Will there be any other assigned tasks other than jobs that match the crew’s position?
Answer: Typically, the yacht companies require all crew members to participate in the weekly security exercises.
This exercise is intended to provide knowledge on how to use passenger safety equipment.

20. Positive and Negative Works on Cruise Ship
Question: In general, what are the positive and negative values of work on a cruise ship?
Answer: Work on a cruise ship is not suitable for everyone.
A cruise ship crew is required to be able to work in teams and of course must be able to work in the midst of many people who have various characters.

In addition, a cruise crew should also be able to live in a limited space and away from relatives and even spouses (husband / wife) in the period long enough.
Each crew is also required to provide maximum service to every guest.
In fact, it is not uncommon for a ship’s crew to apologize to guests even if the guest is wrong.
But, In addition to the above difficulties, there are certainly many positive things to be gained by cruise crews, such as:
• Large salaries that can be collected to make business in Indonesia,
• Can travel the world for free (even paid),
• Can meet people from different countries,
• And of course can add to the work experience so it will not be difficult if you want to apply for a job or even become a consultant in Indonesia in the future.

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